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Hero Entertainment Won 2 Awards in Xinhua Net 2018 China Game Ceremony, Its Overseas Business Is Promising


Hero Entertainment Won 2 Awards in Xinhua Net 2018 China Game Ceremony, Its Overseas Business Is Promising

On April 2, 2018, Xinhua Net 2018 China Game Ceremony is held in Beijing National Convention Center. The ceremony is hosted by Xinhua Net, and guided by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, the Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group Office and other ministries. After fierce competition, Hero Entertainments won the 2017 Global Brand Award, and its game We Race won the 2017 Hottest Mobile Game.

Hero Entertainment was established in 2015 and currently has a full range of mobile games. Not long ago, Hero Entertainment released the 2017 full-year financial report. The report shows that the total revenue of Hero Entertainment in 2017 was 1.036 billion, of which net profit was 911 million, up 71.25% year-on-year. There is no doubt that this is a perfect transcript.

However, Hero Entertainment is not satisfied of focusing on the market in mainland China, especially in the high tide of Chinese enterprises going abroad. In fact, upon its establishment, Hero Entertainment has already set its sight on Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas markets.

In mid-2015, Crisis Action, a game developed by Hero Entertainment was released in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and later expanded to the Southeast Asian market. The FPS game was awarded the Best Going-abroad Case in Asia by Google Play. Later, Hero Entertainment made continuous efforts overseas: In September 2017, War Art: Red Tides released globally. The strategic game gained continuous recommendations on App Store homepage in 154 countries and regions all over the world and was awarded 2017 Best Asia’s iPad Game. Hero also cooperated with the famous American game company EA and released the NBA-authorized mobile game NBA Live developed by EA. On April 2, 2018, Hero released Miracle MU Awakening in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as agent. The number of new users increased by more than 100,000 on the first day of release with payment rate over 10%. In addition, products such as We Race, Basketball Hero, and Bomb Man 2 are also performing well in the overseas market. Thus Hero Entertainments has awarded Top 50 Going-Abroad Enterprises in 2017 by Facebook.

Art of War: Red Tides recommended on App Store’s homepage

So far, Hero Entertainment’s products has released in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, the Middle East, Vietnam, North America and other countries and regions overseas with quite good responses. The 2017 Global Brand Award it won is truly deserved.

In addition to its precise prediction on the trend of overseas market, Hero Entertainment is also expert in game segmentation field. Throughout 2017, mobile games are still dominated by MMO and MOBA, later Survival Mode took the lead. While Hero Entertainment saw the blue ocean market of racing games at that time and released its self-developed game We Race in January 2017. The product was recommended by nearly 30 mainstream channels, and was awarded the Star Product of January 2017 by Mobile Hardcore Alliance, ranking No.1 in the best-selling list of iOS racing products as well as Hot New Game List and the Most Looking-forward New Game List of Jiuyou Net.

Besides, with Hero Entertainment’s excellent overseas publication ability, We Race also performed outstanding overseas. On January 8, 2018, We Race released in Vietnam and won great popularity among the local players. On the second day of release, We Race ranked No.1 in both Vietnam App Store free games list and Google Trending List (Google Play’s new app list) .

In 2018, Hero Entertainment will continue to expand overseas market, and will focus on exploring the potential of the Southeast Asian market, not only to let its products go out, but also to take mobile e-sports out and seek more diversified cooperation. For example, Hero Entertainment has cooperated with Sizhou Group, the Hong Kong food industry giant recently, combining mobile e-sports and retail and creating a brand new mode of cooperation.

In addition to going abroad, Hero Entertain has also always been adhering to the strategy of bringing in and constantly introducing excellent products from overseas. On the one hand, that enables domestic players to experience more excellent products, on the other hand, it has enriched Hero Entertainment’s own game products and makes its products more diversified.

We believe that in the future, Hero Entertainment will achieve more overseas. Perhaps on the road to overseas market, it has already taken the lead.