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Hero Entertainment’s good performance in overseas market win Gold Tea Award the Best Going-abroad Enterprise of 2018


Hero Entertainment’s good performance in overseas market win Gold Tea Award the Best Going-abroad Enterprise of 2018

On January 15th, the well-known game media, Game Tea House held the 2018 Game Tea House Golden Tea Award in Guangzhou, aiming at recognizing the hard-working game companies and excellent game products in 2018. The award has a strong authority in the game industry and has become one of the most notable ceremony at the end of a year. In this ceremony, Hero Entertainment was awarded the Best Going-abroad game company in 2018 with its achievements in overseas market highly praised. 

In the past year, expanding overseas market has become a mainstream choice for many Chinese game makers. The fierce competition in China is also pushing them toward the larger overseas market. Moreover, with the development of the game industry, the achievements in overseas market has gradually become a reference while evaluating the comprehensive strength of a Chinese game enterprise.

Hero Entertainment is among the many Chinese game companies going abroad. What makes it different is that Hero Entertainment’ consideration of overseas business starts far earlier. In fact, they have always taking expanding overseas market as the core content of its internationalization strategy. While focusing on the domestic market, it has also achieved a lot in overseas business. Nowadays, Hero Entertainments has 400 million registered users all over the world, and the company’s entire international layout is perfecting. Hero Entertainment’s entry of the racing mobile games and the FPS mobile games in overseas market is among one of the earliest, which offers the company more chances in specific game categories. 

In 2018, the most remarkable achievement of Hero Entertainment in overseas business was it made its way into the Japanese market successfully. For a long time, the Japanese market and Japanese players have always been a hard nut for Chinese game makers and publishers. Whether it is game categories, gameplay or user's payment habits, it is very different from the situation in China, which frustrated many Chinese game companies.

In August 2018, Hero Entertainment released the SLG product Shinsangokushi in Japan as agent, which is Hero Entertainment’s first release in Japan. Games of three-kingdom theme or SLG are not uncommon in Japanese game market. Therefore Shinsangokushi has not been highlighted in the Japanese market in terms of IP and game categories. In order to make the products meet the Japanese players' game habits and aesthetic standards, Hero Entertainments prepared for 8 months before the game officially released, during which it reshape the game almost from the beginning to the end together with the IP owner Koei Tecmo Holdings.

It turned out that these efforts were not in vain. At the beginning of the release, Shinsangokushi’s second-day retention rate was up to 70%. The game was highly recommended by Google Play upon release and ranked 5th of the local Google Play free games list, 22th of the best-selling games list, 5th of App Store free games list, and 20th of App Store best-selling list in just one month after release. The game maintains an average monthly cash flow at around 50 million now, successfully opening up a new overseas market for Hero Entertainment.

While its internationalization and going abroad, Hero Entertainment brought in plenty of outstanding overseas games into the domestic, meeting the increasingly high demand for domestic players.

For example, Hero Entertainment and the world- renowned game company EA reached a strategic cooperation. Hero Entertainment gained exclusive publication right of EA's masterpiece NBA LIVE in China, and optimized the game according to the characteristics of Chinese players. Eventually, NBA LIVE won numerous praises from domestic players, and EA launched a unique PVP mode specialy for Chinese servers, which shows Hero Entertainment’s accurate grasp of Chinese players’ demand and the ability of publicizing excellent overseas products in China.

Apart from the market in mainland China, Hero Entertainment is also actively expanding new markets in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In April 2018, Hero Entertainment releases Miracle MU Awakening in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as agent. The game was highly recommended by local Google Play, and finally broke through 538 million in 10 months, becoming one of the world's most high-income game products in 2018.

In the current market environment, Hero Entertainment has already taken the lead in the Going-abroad strategy, and has won unanimous recognition in the industry. The Game Teahouse Golden Tea Award is a strong proof of the recognition. In the future, Hero Entertainment will take more excellent products to overseas, building Chinese game brands, and introduce more overseas high-quality games, striving to become the pioneer of Chinese game companies going-abroad.

About Hero Entertainment

Hero Entertainment, Neeq: 430127, the largest Internet company in Shanxi Province, the largest private enterprise in Yan'an, and one of the key enterprises supported by Yan'an government. Based on the vision of globalization and its international team, Hero Entertainment has been promoting the mobile e-sports industry and builds the world's leading entertainment brand. Hero Entertainment was awarded Asia’s Best Going-abroad Case by Google, Apple's Best Game of the Year, and was listed in Facebook’s top 50 leading Going-abroad Brands in China and 2017 Unicorn Technology Companies publicized by the Ministry of Science.